Menu Plan Monday: I wish it would rain already

We're back from vacation and I had a week of more eating processed than I would have liked, but I only had a chance to get to the grocery store yesterday. I am afraid to step on the scale. The weather isn't helping either.

I do not deal well with humidity. 78% in L.A. and the sky should be poring. Humidity apparently makes my kids crave exotic and spicy foods. My daughter requested Indian curry and Cajun Salmon this week.

Sunday: Indian chicken curry with spinach. I thought about addig purple sweet potatoes, but chickend out. The last time I made them ... I nuked them and they came out tough. By the way, the McCormick curry was not spicy enough. Damn bland. Luckily I found my Fresh & Easy one.

Monday: Thai Green Curry -- it's been two (or three?) weeks since we last ate it and both kids like it. The Teen can still eat rice, but Joy has gotten used to eating Paleo when she's with me.

Tuesday: Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken - comfort food item for the week with broccoli.

Wednesday: Tilapia with green beans

Thursday: Garlic Lime Chicken - possibly purple sweet potatoes and California blend veggies as sides.

Friday: Roast Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Not a whole lot of protein variety this week because I didn't want to think, but out of habit I grabbed some salmon, so that might end up being on the menu mid-week and one of the other recipes bumped to the weekend.

I sense a theme in my last few Menu Monday posts. I love California, but the older I get, the less tolerant of high temps I am. I have never liked humidity.

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