Menu Plan Monday: Beat the Heat

It's entirely too hot this week, so I had to look for items that required minimal cooking (no slaving over a hot stove for me!) or would generate nukable leftovers.

I got all of my shopping done in record time because I did not want to be out in the heat longer than necessary.

Sunday: Thai Green Curry.
I cheated. I was buying all of the ingredients (my local grocery store has an abominable Asian section) when I saw this. I already had chicken at home, frozen veggies and fresh peppers in the cart. Win! The kit makes 4-5 servings. I had 2 last night (no rice), my son had a teenager's version of 1 serving and probably finished off the rest of it today for his lunch.
Monday: Primal Jambalaya. This will feed me for a few days, lunches included. Adding okra to the mix this week in place of shrimp, my son is allergic to shrimp.
Tuesday: Zucchini Frittata
Wednesday: Leftovers, if any
Thursday: 4th of July! We're going to see the L.A. Galaxy play and eat unhealthy stadium food. I love being an American.
Friday: Steak and Veggie kabobs (pre-made from the grocery store)
Saturday: Grilled Salmon and veggies. Or maybe a purple or sweet potato.

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