Comments Open: Why Do You Bounce?

Lonely Beach Ball
Lonely Beach Ball (Photo credit: JasonTromm)
I really would like people to stick around more, leave a comment, have a conversation, troll through the archives. You know, all the things you do on other blogs.

So, help me out, if you care. Why do you leave?

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  1. I have no idea if I'm in any way typical, but between attempts at inbox maintenance, job-searches, code-learning...

    I try to comment fairly organically if I see something & am able to (not falling asleep at the machine :) ) - hopefully, if I have something to add, or at least something not too inane. :D

    Otherwise, I've found Google+ to allow a certain ability to interact - at least being able to "+" something if it may be all I can manage.

  2. Thanks @google-788a29aa23207aaef6071f8d95d5ba37:disqus . I do get a lot of interaction on G+. At least you didn't say I was boring :)


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