Artificial Happiness

I'm trying to get some energy and happiness, or at least less "meh" pumping through my veins. Walked Zoe to Starbucks this morning, shared a breakfast sandwich with her, and usually my puppy makes me happy ... But this morning everything annoy me. Even she can tell I'm in a mood. Instead of sleeping with me last night she slept on my daughters empty bed.

Last night I had no energy to do much, but I had three weeks of just my own laundry to do, so three movies later, I had all of it done except the bedding. My co-workers will thank me. My hamper already does.
By the way, don't watch "Joyful Noise " when moody. If you do, grab a box of tissue. Ryan Reynolds and Michael Fassbender were much better distractions.

I think when I get home I'm going to start listing more things on freecycle. Time to declutter again along with the usual housecleaning.

Any have any suggestions for good aroma therapy for winter blues? I really want to air out the house but I don't need a higher heating bill right now. The smell of clean laundry just isn't enough.
Even Zoe knows