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Ingress: Battle for Disneyland

One more reason to use my annual pass .... Pin It

Menu Plan Monday: Paleo Edition

Carb deprivation has me and my daughter at each other's throats. I'm used to it, but her eye doctor just told us that she needs to cut back on refined sugar and refined carbs (not a problem at my place since I cut that shit out of our diets over a year ago, but I think it might be at her dad's). Lack of physical activity since October ( sprained wrist, in splint for almost six weeks) has her gaining weight and mental anguish.  She's built like her father instead of me. It's a clusterfuck. And every time she asks for something to eat, it's purposefully  UNHEALTHY ! I just sent her to bed as if she was five. Because she was acting like she was three. And you wonder what the heck any of this has to do with this week's menu plan? The large Caveman statue in Grants Pass, Oregon.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) I need to post the past few weeks menu plans, but I've slowly been going more paleo, less part-time vegetarian, which is harder than y

National Science Fiction Day - A List

Yesterday, my mom was on the hunt for an Android app that would tell her what unusual (and usually hilarious) holiday each day was. The closest we came was the Hallmark  Ultimate Holiday Site  (which only has the app for iDevices. MEH!).   Just for $#!+$ and giggles, I checked it out today and discovered that it's National Science Fiction Day . Of course I had to share that and got this in response: @ dananner my Dad taught me the ABC"s of sci-fi: Asimov, Bradbury, Clark :) — Daniel (@danniboi07) January 2, 2013 So ... here's my  personal ABC of Sci-fi (and fantasy): A - Asimov (Happy Birthday, Isaac!) - I still subscribe to Asimov's magazine. You should read I, Robot ( short stories COMPLETELY different from the movie ) , Foundation Series , The Caves of Steel (trilogy) and Nightfall for a taste. He also wrote across genres (my first Asimov book was probably one of his "How Did We Find Out About" books, but I loved his style so much I b