Menu Plan Monday: Clean out the Fridge

Well, the first holiday feast is over, the leftovers are almost completely gone (enough turkey left for one more sandwich) and I have $40 left in my grocery budget. It's going to be interesting this week.

Luckily, chicken and fish come in big bags, so I have breasts, thighs, salmon and pollack. And my daughter doesn't mind a little variety. It's easier to make sure the food doesn't go to waste when I have her input.

Monday: Chicken Curry with potatoes and spinach
Tuesday: Cajun Salmon  with rice pilaf and steamed veggies
Wednesday: Baked Parmesan Alaskan Pollack
Thursday: Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Friday: Leftovers (if there are any, I've gotten better at cooking the right portions). If not, Quesadillas
Saturday: Chili (beans only)
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner

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