Menu Plan Monday: Cooking for Two

I know I've been out of it for a while, but I'm back! I even planned a menu three weeks ago, but the last two weeks I've been going by the seat of my pants. That's not good for the budget you know. Especially when the budget says "tighten your belt!"

Long story short, my latest contract ended on July 27th. Last week I enjoyed the week off, took my daughter to Disneyland (making that annual pass pay for itself), had an awesome interview with a company that I would love to work for, and paid bills.
First time on both Goofy's Sky School and Toy Story Mania!
and my daughter's first time on Star Tours since it reopened.

That's about when I realized that I need to get to living a frugal life. Which I haven't exactly done since college. I've lived fairly fiscally responsibly, paying down debt, etc., but now it's time to really crack down. Those UI checks don't cover nearly enough, you know what I mean?

But you're not here to read about my private life, are you? You want the plan and the recipes. Mind you, these are just guidelines. Like, tonight's plan was salmon, but I asked my daughter how she wanted it and her (very) enthusiastic response was "SPICY!" -- so we're having grilled Cajun salmon (I still need to post that recipe) with brown rice and steamed veggies instead of Soy-glazed (link to recipe below).
This week my son is out of town visiting friends, so it's just me and my daughter. Each of these meals makes 4-6 servings, so some will double as lunch leftovers and other I have to cut in half so there's no waste. Also, my daughter is the pickiest in the family, so these are the most kid-friendly recipes I could think of.

Monday: Soy Glazed Salmon with Cucumber Avocado Salad (turned into grilled Cajun salmon with rice and veggies)
Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread and salad (filling and makes great leftovers!)
Wednesday: Curried Turkey Cutlets with Dried Apricots. (This has become a favorite around here, I usually use turkey patties)
Thursday: Tortellini Primavera
Friday: No worries, my daughter is with her dad and I'll be celebrating my birthday.
Saturday: ditto
Sunday: ditto - but will plan for the next week. School starts on the 13th!

So what's on your plate this week?

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