Head Trauma

My daughter finally got a pair of heelies after asking for them since they came out. I had honestly hoped that they wouldn't be around by the time the elusive "when you're 10" arrived.

Since she's had them, she's landed hard enough to bruise her tailbone (on a downward slope), and tonight, she fell and cracked her head at Target of all places!

I am proud of her though. She held it together until we got to the car. Then she let it all out like someone was beating her on the head. Which is apparently what her headache felt like.

Having gone through multiple head trauma and concussion watches with Josh, I wasn't *too* worried. But then she couldn't / wouldn't lie down, complained of dizziness, an increasing headache, blurry vision, and could only be moderately entertained by netflix after bed time. Which means instead of lying down and falling asleep she sat up, had the netbook raised to a certain angle, and wouldn't relax. The sunburned shoulders didn't help. To quote my daughter, "it's not a good night! "

So I called the pediatrician. Who actually answered when her after hours service called her! A few more diagnostic tests... A close call. But the neck pain (possible whiplash) warranted a visit to one of my least favorite places in the world. The ER. Why whiplash? Because my daughter's butt met the floor *after* her noggin. Her head took the brunt of the fall.

Luckily, we live about 2 miles from a great hospital. It's not like when I was a kid and we either went to Centinela or General Hospital. Yes, that General Hospital. County. Where you walk in and the smell makes you gag and it's just plain scary! And none of the cool drama of the soap opera.

Benefit of paying outrageous rent for a good neighborhood is a good (nice, clean, non smelly, non threatening, non scary) emergency room. So nice that I didn't feel weird. So nice that Joy is currently sleeping through another kid's trauma. He doesn't want stitches, he just wants to go home. And my daughter sleeps on. Even when the nurse came by to do a preliminary check. I got her to open her eyes by touching her goose egg, but Joy didn't scream like a banshee so I guess she's feeling better. A pound of prevention right? I suppose if I had stayed home she'd be puking and having other more severe symptoms.

12:14A -- Now that I'm pretty sure she's going to be okay, all I can think about is how difficult it will be to brush her hair tomorrow. What a PITA!

12:25 -- Finally seen by the doctor. Poor girl could barely keep her eyes open for the exam and kept tilting sideways until we let her lie down again.

Verdict: mild concussion. Keep watch for the rest of the week. Take the day off of school for observation. Make sure she doesn't have any out of the ordinary mood swings. Rest.

 Here's to Tuesday


  1. Michael GallegosMay 01, 2012 10:50 AM

    OUCH!!!  I hope she feels better soon.  

  2. She feels fine, until she plays, then the headache comes back. 2.5 days in and she still hasn't quite got it that she needs to rest.

    There are only so many episodes of Hannah Montana, iCarly and Wizards that she hasn't seen. Our Netflix streaming is getting a real workout! She's moved on to the Beethoven movies...


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