Dreaming out loud

This week has been particularly stressful, and I might be blowing things out of proportion. I have performance anxiety about work -- mainly because I'm not living up to my personal expectations and my personal life keeps interfering.
I had an incredibly detailed dream last night / early this morning in which I wrote something for work, sent it around for peer review, and was brightly edited in red. Lots of red. And there were snide comments about the quality of my writing. And lots of LOL in the conversation as if I wasn't on the email thread.
And there are other things stressing me out. Most of them financial. And familial. My divorce is taking forever and a day to finalize, and for the exact reason that I knew it would. Really, it's very simple. You don't always get your way and I'm done caving to your demands. And what *you want* isn't always best. However, if you're willing to compromise for a measly 6 months, I'm willing to revisit the issue and maybe give you some of what you want. I should've taken out the damn restraining order. (end of subtweet behavior).
Anyways, my son is getting ready for college, I'm still reeling that he's 18 now and about to graduate. I just had him! His first day of kindergarten wasn't that long ago! And he's going to school in Texas. Where he's likely going to eat something that sends him into anaphylaxis.