Anything you can do I can do better

Not that there's a lot of sibling rivalry between my kids, I mean, they are eight years apart. But my daughter is determined to skate at least as well as her brother, play sports better, and have more epic injuries.

With Josh I only had to watch him for a few hours or overnight to make sure he only had a bumped head and not an actual concussion.


But my daughter ... a trip to the ER, two days later a follow-up with her regular doctor that leads to a week of bed-rest. Have you ever tried to make a 10 year old not suffering from a fever stay in bed??? It's impossible! (OK, not bed-rest per se, but the girl won't stay down and rest!!)  The weekend will be a long one for her. And she's going to miss out on a field trip to the California Science Center before she's cleared to go back to school. Guess what I will be doing this summer? But that's OK, because I love the Science Center and all the museums at Expo Park. 

Joy is so bored she asked for all of her homework for the week. I guess there's only so much Netflix even she can watch.

Do you have any tips for recovering from a concussion?

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  1. A TV addict that I am, I never thought I'd say this but while sitting out a bout of vertigo, there really can be too much TV. Sorry that Joy has to go through this...and you, of course. I'd recommend books for Joy and wine for you. ;-)

  2. Yeah, she has homework from this week and she had Hank take her to the library to pick up three more books. She can only read/watch for a few hours before she gets a headache.

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