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My dog, a border collie mix, is sometimes too smart for her own good. In all the cleaning and packing we found a misplaced tennis ball. Zoe has been known to play fetch with herself if I'm not paying enough attention. This morning she started her little game and then stared at the ball as if it were defective because it didn't roll far enough away. And then she barked at it. I finally tossed the ball a few times, but instead of bringing it back for a proper game of fetch, she "tossed" it herself -- and repeated the staring and barking. I don't suppose anyone's made a self-propelling ball for dogs yet?

Hey, Obama, call me maybe?

This is by far the best mashup. Ok, myabe not the best, but the funniest. This damn song has been in my head all week, mostly because of the morning news coverage of the videos. I now pass the ear worm to you.    Here are some of the others: Original Harvard Boys:   SMU Row Team:    Texas State Bagel Dance:     And a harried dad with his two daughters: "We're not doing that again!!!" I just hope Carly is getting paid royalties for all of these dance parodies. Pin It

Dreaming out loud

This week has been particularly stressful, and I might be blowing things out of proportion. I have performance anxiety about work -- mainly because I'm not living up to my personal expectations and my personal life keeps interfering. I had an incredibly detailed dream last night / early this morning in which I wrote something for work, sent it around for peer review, and was brightly edited in red. Lots of red. And there were snide comments about the quality of my writing. And lots of LOL in the conversation as if I wasn't on the email thread. And there are other things stressing me out. Most of them financial. And familial. My divorce is taking forever and a day to finalize, and for the exact reason that I knew it would. Really, it's very simple. You don't always get your way and I'm done caving to your demands. And what *you want* isn't always best. However, if you're willing to compromise for a measly 6 months, I'm willing to revisit the issue and

Google Translate added

Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons I've finally been paying more attention to my analytics and audience stats. So, I've added Google translate for those of you who would prefer to read my posts in your native language. Hopefully Google won't screw up the translation too much. Just hit the translate button over there on the right above the search. Have a great weekend! Pin It Related articles Google Translate Hits 200 Million Active Users ( Translate, and two more new gadgets for your dynamic blogs (

Anything you can do I can do better

Not that there's a lot of sibling rivalry between my kids, I mean, they are eight years apart. But my daughter is determined to skate at least as well as her brother, play sports better, and have more epic injuries. With Josh I only had to watch him for a few hours or overnight to make sure he only had a bumped head and not an actual concussion.   But my daughter ... a trip to the ER , two days later a follow-up with her regular doctor that leads to a week of bed-rest. Have you ever tried to make a 10 year old not suffering from a fever stay in bed??? It's impossible! (OK, not bed-rest per se, but the girl won't stay down and rest !!)  The weekend will be a long one for her. And she's going to miss out on a field trip to the California Science Center before she's cleared to go back to school. Guess what I will be doing this summer? But that's OK, because I love the Science Center and all the museums at Expo Park.  Joy is so bored she asked fo

Head Trauma

My daughter finally got a pair of heelies after asking for them since they came out. I had honestly hoped that they wouldn't be around by the time the elusive "when you're 10" arrived. Since she's had them, she's landed hard enough to bruise her tailbone (on a downward slope), and tonight, she fell and cracked her head at Target of all places! I am proud of her though. She held it together until we got to the car. Then she let it all out like someone was beating her on the head. Which is apparently what her headache felt like. Having gone through multiple head trauma and concussion watches with Josh, I wasn't *too* worried. But then she couldn't / wouldn't lie down, complained of dizziness, an increasing headache, blurry vision, and could only be moderately entertained by netflix after bed time. Which means instead of lying down and falling asleep she sat up, had the netbook raised to a certain angle, and wouldn't relax. The sunburned sho