Menu Plan Monday: Frazzled

Sometimes the kids activities (softball games scheduled during when I usually cook dinner), my health (fatigue the last few days), and the general chaos of everyday life gets in the way of sticking to a schedule. Know what I mean?

So here it is Tuesday and I'm just getting around to menu planning. My son is constantly complaining that there is no food in the house. Funny, our cupboards aren't empty and neither are the fridge and freezer, despite my attempts at mimicking Old Mother Hubbard. But to him -- because there are no baked goods, no already cooked foods (I've gotten really good at portions for 4!), and nothing easier than ramen (which he may have actually gotten around to finally eating the last case) -- there's no food in the house. And yet, I am staring at a basket-full of apples that have sat there for a week. I digress.

Last night I just used the tilapia from last week's menu since one of the meals got replaced by chili cheese dogs. It was my daughter's birthday dinner. Yes, she wanted chili cheese dogs. And strawberries. But not together thank goodness!
Happy birthday! You're double-digits now
Monday: Tilapia
Tuesday: The Hunk offered to cook some of his milanesa if I made the rice and beans. I've been exhausted today. Joy has a game and likes subway and the always hungry teenager made spaghetti and sauce that was too spicy for his sister to eat  >:-(
Wednesday: I have an appointment with a trainer, so I'm probably just going to give the kids some money to go to Subway.
Thursday: White bean and chicken saute - I only need to buy the sausage.
Friday: Curried Turkey Cutlets with Dried Apricots
Saturday: Another game, more laundry, and begin packing. I think something in the crockpot will do, like chicken chili
Sunday: Leftovers, and if I am really good, I'll plan ahead, instead of two days behind.

What are some of your favorite springtime meals?

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