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Geeks, fanboys, fan girls, and yours truly give a collective SQUEEE!!!!!!!! Everywhere!!!!

Nathan Fillion shows up AND they talk about Scott Sigler's new book. (I've been stalking following Scott since he was on podiobooks. His writing gets seriously scary!)

There are 5 segments to each show (from
  • The Flog
  •  — As in Felicia’s blog. Get it? It’s Felicia Day doing whatever Felicia Day feels like doing; everything from milking a cow, to operating a forklift, to flying on a trapeze! I’m looking forward to it, because Day is charming and totally game, and she seeks out stuff to do that — chances are — we’ve all wanted to try at some point. Total wish fulfillment.
  • Table Top
  •  — Produced by and starring Wil Wheaton, this show provides a novel look at table top RPGs as Wheaton and his celebrity geek friends sit around playing a different table top game each episode. This is a great idea for those (like me) who don’t know the first thing about RPGs. Rather than simply reviewing games, Wheaton and Co. will actually play a game so that the viewer can be drawn into the joys of tabletop gaming by seeing it in action. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’ll provide a rotating cast of some of our favorite geeks.
  • Sword & Laser
  •  — Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt produce and star in this video adaptation of their popular genre book review podcast (Sword = fantasy, Laser = sci-fi). I’m looking forward to this one, both for recommendations on new books to read, and because Veronica and Tom have great chemistry as hosts, and while podcasts aren’t my favorite format ever, I’d definitely be more inclined to enjoy Sword & Laser as a regular web series.
  • Written By a Kid
  •  — Produced by Kim Evey, Written By a Kid takes the Axe Cop formula one step further by creating live-action and animated shorts based on stories told by children aged four to nine, and as we all know, kids tell amazing stories. I can’t wait to see what the directors involved come up with!
  • Learning Town
  •  — Paul and Storm have what looks like a children’s show on the way called Learning Town. And that’s really all I know about it, because their trailer just had Paul and Storm standing against a white backdrop not really saying much. But it’s Paul and Storm. Doing a children’s show! This I’ve gotta see.
So yes, I subscribed. Now I just need to find time to schedule this into my wide-open schedule (</snark>)

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