Menu Plan Monday: March 12

This week I still have a lot of ingredients from last week. The White Bean and Chicken Saute lasted two days plus lunches, the Moroccan Chicken Stew lasted 2+ days (it's still in the fridge. Apparently I'm the only one who really likes couscous when it's made from scratch and not packaged). The Thai Chicken/Mango/Pineapple was a hit and disappeared pretty quickly.

Lesson learned: Only one stew/soup per week!

So this week we'll have:
Monday: Steak Salad -- I started marinating the steak last night for dinner but other plans got in the way so we're having it tonight.
Tuesday: Curried Veggie Cubes
Wednesday: Crockpot night - lets try that Sweet Potato and Chicken Stew again.
Thursday: Cajun Salmon with veggies for me and rice for the kids (I cut out starches for myself and the Hunk most nights) and Rosemary pork chop for the one person who doesn't like salmon.
FridayZucchini Parmesan with salad greens
Saturday:  It's St. Patrick's Day! I'll be heading to Oakmonster's for her traditional Guiness Stew, but I'll be making Corned beef and Cabbage for the Hunk if he doesn't join us.

What's on your plate this week?

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