Movie Review: Real Steel

This past weekend we watched Real Steel on vudu.

We argued over this film. I've wanted to see it since it debuted (honestly, only because of Hugh Jackman, plain and simple). My daughter wasn't all that into it -- it's boxing, not hockey, softball, basketball, or soccer, know what I mean? And the Hunk wasn't all that thrilled about it because it was clearly a "family film" and likely sappy and lame. And he didn't want to watch me drool over Hugh for two hours.

30 minutes in and we were all hooked! At the end I wanted to watch it again and we all agreed that it's a movie worth owning.

This is a story about a man (Charlie Kenton played by Hugh Jackman) growing up and out of a selfish self-centered, short-sighted jackass and finding himself to be something more lovable. It's also about a street-smart, strong-willed child who knows what's best for his father, and a robot with a secret. But Max (Dakota's character) doesn't come across as a disrespectful know-it-all. Even when his dad makes mistakes he doesn't rub his face in it. He is, however, very manipulative to get what he wants. And what he wants is to fight the champion - Zeus. Max pushes both Charlie and Atom to be winners, not only in the ring, but in life. (Cliche, I know, but true.)

Yes, it's a feel good movie with a hunky handsome underdog - well, both Charlie and Atom are the underdogs. If you like the Rocky franchise, you will probably like this movie as well. There were quite a few similar themes that kept the Hunk interested and he mentioned how it reminded him of certain Rocky scenes.


After seeing some stills of Dakota I predict he's going to be the next big heartthrob on the red carpet. Thank goodness my daughter isn't there yet!

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