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Twogether is Better at Knott's Berry Farm

Truth be told, I have never, ever in all my life been to Knott's Berry Farm. Which is kinda crazy when you think that my favorite syrup in the world is Knott's Boysenberry syrup . I have always wanted to go -- I was raised on the Peanuts Gang, but by high school the cool place was Six Flags (and Disneyland). My daughter has been begging to go to Soak City for a few years, and I am pretty sure my son went with his dad last summer. I finally have the chance to make Knott's as much a part of my life as Disneyland. And I'll be dragging my mother with me. This February Knott’s Berry Farm will be celebrating the season of love with special events for teens and kids as well as discounted pricing when you bring a friend. New boy band  Midnight Red  will perform on Calico Square Stage 2/18. February wouldn't be complete without special  "Twogether is Better" food deals including "Double Dawg Love" at Pink’s and a chocolate dipping station in Ghos

Shameful Actions

Today, I am ashamed of Mamavation. Today they are acting like the bullies. I'm probably the only one with this point of view. I don't know what it's like to be the fat kid. I had the opposite problem growing up; everyone thought I was anorexic. That's teasing and hate of a different sort. Today, I am raising a daughter who weekly claims that she is fat. Somehow in the two years when she was in her father's custody it got put into her head that she's fat. She's not. She's beautiful and strong and tall, but got her dad's body type instead of mine. Because she is not stick thin, she thinks she's fat. I have to remind her every day that she's not. That she is stronger than most of the boys her age and that she is *FIT* . Being skinny does not equal being healthy . But I am teaching her healthy choices and what it means to have a healthy lifestyle even it if means she will never have my body type. I am teaching her to be strong and healthy

Wordless Wednesday: Bread of Life

Nothing like a fresh loaf out of the breadmaker , a photo by Nannerlady on Flickr. Nothing like a fresh loaf out of the breadmaker.

Book Review: Grave Peril

My rating: 4 of 5 stars Vampires, ghosts, and righteous men, oh my! I'm late to the Dresden Files party, but better late than never right? This edition, read by James Marsters , moves along at a good pace.If I had been reading instead of listening, this definitely would have been a page-turner -- do not bother me until I am done -- type book. In this installment Harry has his hands full on multiple counts, juggling friends, lovers, enemies, and his fairy godmother. It keeps him going from sun-down to sun-up. He gets so tired he misses vital clues, repeatedly. But once he figures it out, he doesn't leave vengeance to the Lord. Harry survives, but the ending of this book is real tearjerker. View all my reviews

Soft puppy, sleepy puppy, little ball of fur...

Soft puppy, sleepy puppy, little ball of fur... , a photo by Nannerlady on Flickr.

Turn this Mutha Out - Happy New Year!

Image from   This has been quite the year! Last year about this time I thought I was dying, but it was just a kidney infection . This New Year's Eve I am stuffed up and alternating between being a mouth-breather and imitating Niagra Falls. I can't remember the last time I had a good New Year's Eve. Probably back in Oregon when I threw Shindigs (as in Browncoat parties). I've been debating for days what this last post of 2011 should be. A Best of? A collage? A worst of? A general summary? I'm still debating. I'm just glad it's over. It wasn't a bad year overall, started out sick, ended sick, and in between ... I managed to finally lose ten pounds and gain about five of it back in the last two months. I have about (1)50 posts in drafts, so if you read my blog via RSS, you're not going crazy, I'll just be knocking out the relevant ones. So let's try the recap approach. I take photos a