Turn this Mutha Out - Happy New Year!

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This has been quite the year! Last year about this time I thought I was dying, but it was just a kidney infection. This New Year's Eve I am stuffed up and alternating between being a mouth-breather and imitating Niagra Falls. I can't remember the last time I had a good New Year's Eve. Probably back in Oregon when I threw Shindigs (as in Browncoat parties).

I've been debating for days what this last post of 2011 should be. A Best of? A collage? A worst of? A general summary? I'm still debating. I'm just glad it's over. It wasn't a bad year overall, started out sick, ended sick, and in between ... I managed to finally lose ten pounds and gain about five of it back in the last two months.

I have about (1)50 posts in drafts, so if you read my blog via RSS, you're not going crazy, I'll just be knocking out the relevant ones.

So let's try the recap approach. I take photos almost every day of the year. Big things I put into albums. I love my phone because I can select a bunch of photos and create an album lickety-split. The only problem is when I switch phones and SD cards. I've gone through 3 this year!

2011 in Review
January started out with some magic. Seeing Disney on Ice was pretty fantastic. I want to do it again in 2012, but I don't think that's going to happen.

We also got snow in Lancaster. There is something really peaceful about snow in the high desert. Not the driving on the icy streets, but watching my backyard fill up with snow was ... relaxing.

February: Cooking with Fresh and Easy. That was a LOT of fun. I love hanging out with Oakley and Catalina and really wish I could do it more often.
I also went to a Honey Board sponsored event at Mo-Chica with Chef Ricardo Zarate in Los Angeles that I live tweeted but alas - that post is in draft too. I really need to stop doing that! To sort of make-up for that, here's one of the awesome treats we were served.
Chicken breast with root vegetables and honey blue cheese sauce

Organic Chicken Breast with Honey Blue Cheese Sauce(4 portions) Ingredients: For the chicken breasts:4 whole organic chicken breasts
2 cloves of garlic, choppedTouch of olive oil
Salt and pepper (to taste) For the saikio miso sauce:2 cups honey2 cups apple vinegar8 tbs aji amarillo paste3 cups saikio miso paste½ cup olive oil
 For the honey blue cheese sauce:1 cup honey
1 lb blue cheese1 ¼ cup apple vinegar
 For the vegetables:Root vegetables (fresh veggies of the day such as baby carrots, potatoes, etc)5 tbs olive oilSalt and pepper (to taste)2 tbs pure honey (for glaze)2 tbs butter (for glaze) Notes: Aji Amarillo paste is a yellow Peruvian chili paste available in Latin supermarkets. You may also use any chili paste of your choice.

March: We finally moved from Lancaster to Burbank. Thank Goodness!!! No more four-hour commute! There's another draft I need to finish in there. I also went to the new Sony Store opening and gawked at all the cool tech and celebrities who showed up. Yeah, that's Anthony Anderson. And Marlon Wayans, and the Smurfs.

I also used Groupon to go on a wine tour in Temecula Wine Country

I never wrote that post, but the wineries were pretty good, I joined a wine club. I should go again to refresh my memory :D

The highlight of April was NABShow
After that, I went to a blogger brunch hosted by Dannon and Mia Hamm. Joy got to meet the cast of Disney Prom. Aimee Teegarden made her night since she wasn't having a party.

May: Camping at Mcgrath. I wish the funds had been available to keep this campground open. We've got another trip planned for 2012 and honestly I can't wait. It's nice to get away from it all and I need to do that more often.
Also in May was the Ren Faire with Oakley. This is an annual tradition now for me - I think 3 years in a row! (more photos on Picasa)

June: Miel Pura, I learned all sorts of things about honey and started experimenting with my pancakes.
Can't Stop the Serenity -- meeting Nathan Filion and Feleicia Day.

July: Once again unemployed and trying not to panic. 2011 family reunion in Santa Rosa. Road trips are always fun with my kids. The only thing missing was my dog. 

4th of July in Long Beach. The kids were nice to each other, the weather was great, I picked  up a cute new hat, and we all enjoyed the fireworks out in the harbor.

August: Soccer season resumes. Joy gets better at positions other than goalie. This coach isn't as competitive as last year's, so the team doesn't make it to play-offs. I was Team Mom. That was an experience.

September - New York! New York!

October: Employed! Hallelujah! I'm back at the House of Mouse in Moms & Family. It's a purely short term contract but I am so grateful to be employed through the holidays. Unemployment doesn't pay enough.

November: Cruising with Disney, first vacation in like a decade! - (another post I need to write, the (unedited) photos below)

December: Christmas back East with the Hunk's family- that was quite the adventure and I might write about it some day. I must thank @MintCool for giving me ideas when it looked like it was all going to hell in a hand-basket.

So, good by 2011 and hello 2012.