Mamavation Monday: No Hating

This morning I don't hate my scale. Down another 1/2 pound. I'll take it. back to 186lbs give or take a few ounces. I've steadily been losing since getting back from vacation. More travel coming up, which means less control of what goes into my mouth, but I have become a lot better at making smarter choices when on the go. Except for coffee.

I know that I probably would make my goal of a full pound or maybe even two if I stopped my ritualistic stop at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf every morning. It's like my work day doesn't really start until I have that cup in my hand. I could bring coffee from home, which I used to do, or even use the Starbucks machine here at work. But I truly love my regular Cafe White Chocolate. And if Eddie makes my drink he always adds a little chocolate syrup. One of my few indulgences since starting work again is my morning coffee.

Ok, enough justifying. I'm just so very glad that I am still losing weight during the holiday season.
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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!  My goal this holiday season is just to maintain. It's a constant battle.

  2. Any loss is a good thing, right???  Have a great holiday!

  3. Thanks, Amy :-) The next week will be about maintenance, but my boyfriend's mom is so excited he's coming home for Christmas that she's planned a LOT of food. Bright side is that it won't be fast food :-D

  4. A half pound lost is better than a half pound gained. You motivate me Annette!

  5. Fantastic! Wish I could say the same but thanks for being an inspiration. :)

  6. Any weight loss is a win!  Here's to 2012 for an even better year of success of reaching your goals!


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