Mamavation Monday: Holding Steady

And still under 190. I'm at 185 this week and blaming the one pound weight gain on water weight -- not on the candy corn. I've actually been pretty good, it took me about a week to go through one bag and I only raided the Halloween candy a few times. I keep thinking "portion control" and "stay UNDER 190!!"

After about 6 weeks of little to no activity I rode my bike into work the past two mornings. My legs are confused and I have never been so glad to sit at my desk. Riding gets my blood moving but I think I need a chiropractic adjustment to get those endorphins into my brain. You would think that a 3-4 mile ride in brisk air would wake a girl up!

It's good to be moving again and I am so happy that despite not exercising a lot I have been losing weight. 

Regarding Halloween candy -- The Teen is allergic to food dyes but has the OK from his doctor to eat fatty foods because he's ectomorphic. I keep telling that will be in his favor until he turns 30 like me. On the flip side, he inhales fresh fruit, fish, and chicken as if they were clean mountain air. A few years ago I started bribing him with a 5lb bag of chocolate so I wouldn't have to go out with him. This year he bought his own bag of Almond Joys and seems happy with that. 

My daughter can't eat a lot of sugar and broght home a 3/4 full bucket. She gets one or two pieces a day until Christmas. If there is any left it gets thrown out. At the rate I am baking pumpkin muffins and other fall treats though, she will probably dump the candy faster.