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November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

Photo Friday: One

One gear

Hangin' with The Muppets

November 7, 2011
I couldn't join, but it was fun to watch. Really hoping that this is available after the hangout. UPDATE They edited the video and made it available for public consumption!
Disney's The Muppets hits theaters this Thanksgiving! To celebrate, several of the stars took part in a Google+ Hangout on their brand new profile -- mostly because Miss Piggy insists on being in all of the important Circles.

Milk - It Does a School Good

November 2, 2011
You know the old slogan, "Milk, it does a body good". Now it will do our schools and kids good too.

We already collect box tops, soup can labels, grocery receipts, and who knows what else to support our schools and give them the extra cash that the state of California can't seem to come up with. (Yes, I support public education and I'm appalled at how far California has fallen since I graduated from high school. Do NOT get me started on Prop 13).

So in addition to reading labels for trans-fat and partially hydrogenated oils I'll be looking out for the Real California Milk seal. Even better, it's a local organization working to give back to the community.

Those savvy cows, along with Scholastic, are supporting California schools by launching the Real Seal Appeal program and awarding California schools with up to $2 million in cash, books and prizes.

  • From October 1, 2011-December 31, 2011, The California Milk Advisory Board in conjunction with Scholastic, will be challenging Southern California elementary classrooms, schools and students to collect Real California milk and cheese seals for a chance to win up to $2 million in cash, books and other prizes.
  • Parents and kids work together to clip and save seals from any Real California Milk product. Then, they turn the seals into their teachers; the teachers then turn in the seals for the chance to win cash and prizes – the more seals collected the better the chance of winning. For example, 100 seals = 25 free books for your child's classroom.
    • Prizing
      • Grand Prize: 3 winning schools will receive $20,000 plus a Wii Fit™ game for every child in classroom (up to 50
      • 2nd Place: 3 winning schools will receive $10,000 plus a Wii Fit™ game for every child in classroom (up to 50)
      • 3rd Place: 3 winning schools will receive $5,000 plus a Wii Fit™ game for every child in classroom (up to 50)
      • Runner Ups: 2,595 winning schools will receive $500 prizes

Check this list to see if your school district is participating.

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Movember - Changing the Face of Men's Health

November 1, 2011
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Well, October is over, and the pink will eventually fade, and now it's November. Pardon me, Movember. Time for men to take it all off. Facial hair that is. 

Let’s face it, men are known to be more indifferent towards their health, especially when compared to the efforts of women, who proactively and publicly address their health issues in a way not traditionally seen with men. As a result, today the levels of awareness, understanding and funding for support of male health issues, like prostate cancer, lag significantly behind causes such as breast cancer. From http://us.movember.com/mens-health/

Mamavation Monday: Holding Steady

And still under 190. I'm at 185 this week and blaming the one pound weight gain on water weight -- not on the candy corn. I've actually been pretty good, it took me about a week to go through one bag and I only raided the Halloween candy a few times. I keep thinking "portion control" and "stay UNDER 190!!"

After about 6 weeks of little to no activity I rode my bike into work the past two mornings. My legs are confused and I have never been so glad to sit at my desk. Riding gets my blood moving but I think I need a chiropractic adjustment to get those endorphins into my brain. You would think that a 3-4 mile ride in brisk air would wake a girl up!

It's good to be moving again and I am so happy that despite not exercising a lot I have been losing weight. 

Regarding Halloween candy -- The Teen is allergic to food dyes but has the OK from his doctor to eat fatty foods because he's ectomorphic. I keep telling that will be in his favor until he turns 30 like me. On the flip side, he inhales fresh fruit, fish, and chicken as if they were clean mountain air. A few years ago I started bribing him with a 5lb bag of chocolate so I wouldn't have to go out with him. This year he bought his own bag of Almond Joys and seems happy with that. 

My daughter can't eat a lot of sugar and broght home a 3/4 full bucket. She gets one or two pieces a day until Christmas. If there is any left it gets thrown out. At the rate I am baking pumpkin muffins and other fall treats though, she will probably dump the candy faster.

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