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No Dunkin' in California

I love California. I hate the politics that are ruining this state and it's economy. And my morning coffee fix. 

Personally I am a fan of  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but while back East last month I did as the natives did and ran on Dunkin'. We even brought some K-Cups home. I just loaded the carousel with the last of them so I thought I would see about ordering more. No K-Cups available (it was a long shot), but now you can't order any Dunkin' if you live in California. So I can't even get ground coffee and use the Keurig insert.

Really? Prop 65 is an environmental act. According to the label on my K-cups box the ingredients are drumroll please ... 100% Arabica beans. That's it. The flavored coffees have natural and artificial flavors (what doesn't these days?)
So what the fruit California? Why can't we get Dunkin'?
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