Mamavation Monday: 187

Well, I lost a pound this week. I guess the spin classes are paying off especially since it's *that* week and I probably gained 5lbs just in water weight. Also despite recovering from road food and a family reunion last weekend while the rest of you were at Blogher (mild jealousy).
Overall, I'm not too upset. Being an overachiever I want to see that 2lb/week loss, but I know that is unrealistic. I'm still being careful of my back and not overdoing anything, which sometimes means not pushing myself as hard as I could. I've noticed that in spin class after a certain level of exertion my body thinks I'm having an anxiety attack, but I just slow down and concentrate on breathing until I try again. Getting through the mental barriers is so much harder than the physical ones.
The Hunk and I are spinning 3x/week and light weights in between. I'm exhausted most days. My muscles are definitely confused, as in "What the hell!?! You haven't used me in 10 years and now you want me to work?!??" type of confused.
I finally earned my gym rat Foursquare badge :-). I've been able to be consistent because I've been unemployed and my daughter was with her dad. This week I go back to work, school started, and so did soccer practice. I'm hoping I can keep it up. Taking care of myself is the first thing to go when our school -year schedule starts getting full.