Mamavation Monday: More Active

It's been a busy week. We re-committed to working out daily. I'm definitely the slacker in accountability relationships, so I need the extra push. The only upside is on the rare occasions when the Hunk wants to stop I get to give it right back to him.  I'm also in charge of the menus and portion control, one of the few things I'm good at.

The past week looked like this:
Sunday : biked 4 miles running errands, then walked 3.3 more miles throughout the day.
Monday : 2 mile walk
Tuesday: I'm not a very good swimmer (translation I sink like a rock) but I did some pool jogging and then laps on my back. My goal was to get across the pool a few times without my feet touching bottom. After dinner did a 2.5 mile walk with Zoe and the Hunk.
Wednesday : more walking. My dog is losing weight faster than I am.
Thursday: swimming. I float on my back and try not to drown in three feet of water. I'm getting better.
Friday: more swimming. It's a good week for it.
Saturday: walking and shopping. And the 24 Hour Fitness *finally* opened! Intervals on the treadmill for 30 minutes with an average speed of 3.5 and 4 incline. I was breathless and really feeling out of shape. Did a few sets of weights for my arms, chest, back, and legs, but not enough so that I wouldn't be able to walk home. Just enough for a slight burn and hopefully not enough to send my back into shock.

Started modified "Eat to Live" eating plan (most dinners include ground turkey) this weekend. Went through 3-4 pints of strawberries, a banana, a plucot, cuban beans and salad for dinner and a really modified strawberry rhubarb pie. More like a crumble. Post with recipe and photos to follow. All that *after* a Shakeology shake. I'm always starving after a workout.

One thing I have noticed is that my face is not liking all of these changes. I now have more acne than I ever did as a teenager or when I was pregnant. Nothing better than your daughter pointing out the whiteheads sprouting magically on your face.

Weight: Gained a pound. Now 187.2. I really need to find my tape measure. I feel ok about the pound because I was able to get into some size 12 capris and still breathe after eating breakfast. That's a win right there and tells me I have probably lost inches.