The Sharing Knife: Horizon

I love that Bujold's books are character driven. I have no problem going between the adventures of Fawn and Dag and those of Miles Vorkosigan.

I read the other three books in this series years ago and waited for book four. And then it took me two years after it was published! It is well worth the wait.

I do suggest you read all of the books in order. If you don't, you can read this as a stand-alone since Bujold does an excellent job of exposition as you go through the story. You'll want to read the earlier books to get all the details and backstory.

It's hard to believe that the entire series takes place over the course of one year. Fawn and Dag are still out to change the world and make relations between Lakewalkers and farmers cordial, if not loving and symbiotic. They have a chance to join a Lakewalker camp, but Dag, being his hard-headed self with a little cajoling from Fawn, breaks the rules and they lose their chance. By the time that happens though, they have made some headway against the prejudice against farmers, so some of the campers feel the loss when Dag and Fawn are exiled.

They have many adventures along the trail north back to Clearcreek, gaining new friends, facing a malice, and you will never guess who kills it this time! No, not Fawn, but when I read what the farmers did to her in the aftermath I had a distinct sense of "deja read" - I'd read that passage before.

The story does have a happy ending after all, making for a very satisfying read.

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