Review: Promax Protein Bars

June 8, 2011
If you follow my complaints tweets about how protein bars in general aren't very tasty (FullBar for example), and give me a massive headache and nausea. I've started increasing my water intake, so hopefully that will stop the headaches (and bloating).

One bar that I have found that I love all flavors of and doesn't make me nauseous is Promax. Right now I am noshing on Black Forest Cake for breakfast (I overslept). Last weekend I had the Fudge and went for a bike ride. No ill effects either time. The chocolate tastes like chocolate, not like something wanting to be chocolate.

The texture is easy to chew and swallow, more like a fudge bar than  ... bird-food like, chalky, and generally unpalatable. The only bar I like better are the Snickers Marathon bars, which, unfortunately, are out of stock on Amazon in the flavors that I like.

I'm going to have to stock up on these in all their various flavors until I am sick of them.


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