Plan B by Joseph Finder

I love free things, including short stories. I just finished listening to Plan B: A Nick Heller Story, narrated by Holter Graham. You can also get it for free in the Kindle, Borders/Kobo and Nook stores.

I use short stories to introduce me to new authors. One reason why I love Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. But I digress. I like mystery and crime stories and Audible suggested Finder to me.
An original short story by Joseph Finder, New York Times best-selling author of Buried Secrets and Vanished. "Plan B" finds private spy Nick Heller in Barcelona, Spain, on a rescue mission. The target: a walled compound with state-of-the art-security. The object: a teenage girl, held against her will. The plan: get in and rescue the girl and then get out - without tripping an alarm or alerting the army of guards. But even the best designed plans can go wrong, which is why Nick Heller always has a Plan B. 

Nick is no Shane Scully, at least from my brief introduction, but he is astute, quick-witted, and probably a protagonist I could get into. We're all looking for heroes. There is a twist at the end of the story, so I think I might go download Vanished now.