Photo Friday: People

Photo Friday: People
Clockwise: Oakmonster giving the customary Guiness to Daphne of the Washer Women, random fellow as we exited the fair, sword dancing woman, Moonie, chess game, court dancers, Vikings, The Hunk in the stocks for public drunkeness, the tree dude, my little pig thief, and a random skin covered guy that I saw at the joust. In the center is this year's Queen.
I couldn't decide on just one photo for this week's theme -- People.

The Ren Fair is a great place to see all sorts of people, shows, and people drinking while watching the shows. It's a miracle we survived the Middle Ages. Of course the Queen rules over all of it. I managed to take a pig thief and a drunkard home too.

The highlight for me this year was the Moonie Show. For a guy who doesn't talk much, he sure can make you laugh.

You can view part of the set on Flickr and the rest of the photos on Picasa