Mamavation Monday : 190 again

My only consolation is that the Hunk thinks my waist is coming back. He has a picture of me from last summer, before I started Mamavation, and I had more of a waist than I do now. I guess it's time to find my tape measure and start taking measurements.

We haven't been doing P90x the last few weeks because of my back.

It's very frustrating. I keep starting and stopping due to either back issues or lack of interest/energy. This week I am going to focus on water intake (so that the protein bars and protein rich diet don't keep giving me afternoon migraines) and walking as much as possible. On the weekends we ride our bikes at least 5 miles. I know, not a lot, but my chiropractor doesn't want me riding for more than 20 minutes, so 5 miles is kinda pushing it.

I finally got a portable TENS unit. Holy cow what a difference! Wish I had bought one years ago! That and biofreeze have been getting me up in the morning.

Congrats to Pamela for being Sistah of the Week!