Angry Birds - Free Eagle Update on Nook Color

Well now, talk about driving customer engagement. And a good tie-in between virtual and brick and mortar. Customers are bound to buy more when they are actually in your store. Right?

I know they are in my family. My son prefers old-fashioned hardbacks and hates reading anything not a manga on a screen. Likewise, my daughter loves going to the bookstore weekly to increase her selection of series. Her favorite right now is Seekers. Both of them require budgets when we enter the store. I have been buying, sampling, and borrowing books like a maniac ever since I got my Nook Color about two weeks ago (please friend me! I loan books too). I'm reading for pleasure again!

Barnes & Noble has teamed up with Rovio to bring a whole new experience dimension to Angry Birds, one of the most addicting and mindless games ever created. It's $2.99 in the Nook Color market and now you can get an exclusive free update by going into the store. You can only get the update (until someone on XDA figures it out) by going into a B&N. There are 700 nationwide to choose from.

The Mighty Eagle has Landed! Only on Angry Birds for NOOK Color! For a limited time, you can unlock the FREE Mighty Eagle character in your neighborhood Barnes & Noble by downloading the latest update for Angry Birds and connecting to the free in-store Wi-Fi. Barnes & Noble is an Angry Birds approved "Magic Place" and this free unlockable is only available while in-store.
This reader may just have to go in and ... nah, I play AB on my phone. But I would go into the store for the free cookie and to try out the read in store feature.

So for all you Angry Bird addicts, let me know what the Mighty Eagle update is like. I honestly don't feel like paying for an app that I play for free on my phone. And in Google Chrome.

And just because it's cool

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