Mamavation Monday: Self-Torture

I say that deprecatingly. I wish I could be a kid again and get my fitness in like my daughter. Playing catch, riding bikes and scooters, playing in the pool. And soccer starts in July.

I'm blessed in that we finally live in a place where I can tell her to go outside and play and she's like a bat out of hell going. Me, I have to torture myself with P90x. I chose it partly because of Mamavation and partly because a lot of long time friends were sweating and swearing by it. One even joined me on Facebook and is doing another round (thanks Ben!) It also helps that The Hunk is working on his hunkiness with me. He pushes me when I want to quit and I give it right back to him when he wants to quit.
I hate my TV after working out

Obviously the watching calories wasn't working for me because I have too many days where I either go out for events, go out to dinner (this past week there were 5 birthdays in my immediate family!), or stress eat. Even eating half-portions and giving the rest to my son (now there's a bit of role reversal I never expected!) I feel like I'm gaining weight.

Day 1(redux) kicked my butt. Probably not as hard as I could have let it. I found out that I am probably allergic to my dog, and that I need to brush her more often and vacuum daily. Every time I went down for a dive-bomber push-up or a wide-fly push-up I started coughing like an asthmatic without her inhaler. I had to stop.

I got beaned in the head and chest by the band (my door wasn't closed all the way), but I guess I did something right, chest muscles that I forgot existed hurt this morning. And my thighs! Still trying to figure that one out, but it was probably the lawnmowers or the hamstring stretches I kept giving myself on the pull-ups.

The good news: I'm down 2lbs from last week!!!

Phase I, Level I for two people, plus food for the kids

But I have decided and now I am committed. Especially after grocery shopping!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Tilvee. Two blogging carnival participants will receive a Eco Ethical Skincare basket worth $50 from Tilvee.
How do you reward yourself after you have worked hard towards a goal?  Do you have any pampering rewards thought out for future goals?
 A: Rewards ... I usually reward myself with food or shopping. Since food is out for now (have you seen the menu plan for P90X?!?) I guess I will have to go shopping, but I have gotten more frugal lately and want to save for something bigger, like the Nikon D3100 or NookColor (I am a gadget geek).

In truth, I haven't set a reward for myself. Once I lose the 45lbs I am aiming for, I know that I will need new clothes. I also like to reward myself with a personal time-out, but family, work, and personal interests have prevented me from taking a MUCH needed retreat. I don't even get enough time to take a long, hot bath at home! Palm Springs is calling my name.

*Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win a Eco Ethical Skincare Basket from Tilvee.


  1. Cool that you're doing P90X!! You actually get to eat A LOT of food if you follow the plan and do all of the DVDs every day. I think I was eating about 2400 calories and I'm not overweight and lost a lot of body fat in only 3 weeks. Give it a shot!

    Awesome on the 2 pounds!

  2. I know, last night's dinner had me full after just a few bites. Then again, I was eating after pylometrics and just wanted to collapse. The breakfast was pretty hearty too, but I am definitely feeling the lack of carbs and caffeine.

  3. good luck with your week i hope it goes well for you

  4. I see hard-boiled eggs and strawberry smoothies in your future, mmmmmm. I do love P90X (I'm not into the whole regimented program but I love the workouts). I am not doing it these days because I am at Crossfit but the muscle confusion and needing to consume post-workout nutrition are the same. Congrats on your loss and have a great week!

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  6. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Kia. Yes, I have already had lots of muscle milk and strawberry smoothies. I'm ready to mix it up and it's only week 1!

  7. WTG on your loss! It's great that you have a workout partner, I know how helpful it is when my hubby makes me workout just a bit longer!


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