Some Real Odd Balls

Usually, my horoscope makes me laugh. Today is no different. Wacko energy is right on, but I think it's because I am trying to find a balance between eating enough to not faint, but still have enough to exercise, actually exercising, stress, and other stuff. The spice I will have to ask the Hunk about.

I'm not attracted to odd balls. They are attracted to me. I think I have the invisible ink thing going on still.

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  1. lucilleintheskyApril 27, 2011 7:45 PM

    My best advice for eating the right amount is to hone in and listen to your body! It's not easy, but it can be perfected over time. Good luck :)

  2. Thanks Lucy. My biggest issue is that I am a stress eater. And I've been under a lot of stress lately!

  3. I'm a stress eater as well. I'm nearly back to where I was before I started Jenny a couple of years ago. *sigh*

  4. :( Sorry to hear that. You had gotten quite slim.

  5. Absolutely! Doe and I are both trying to get back into that mindset.


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