Post Production World: Day 1

This is the first year that I have come to NAB before the exhibits open. There is a lot to learn in Post | Production World and Day 1 did not disappoint. I'm actually going back and forth between three tracks : Adobe Creative Suite 5, Producer | Director Workshop, and Social Media Bootcamp. And then there are the exhibits!

The Practical Project Management class presented by Richard Harrington gave me a lot to think about and I came away with "Project Management is Stress Management". If you are managing your project, your clients, and your team well, your stress will be GREATLY reduced. Also, the tools don't make you a good project manager. Don't get hung up on the tools. They are meant to keep you on track. The benefits of project management are:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Project Risk
  • Meet contractual obligations
  • Ensure accurate billing
  • Create historical data
I'm sure someone out there can create a catchy anagram for me based on the above.

My next class was on Adobe Premier. I loved the presenter, Luisa Winters. I definitely felt over my head since it was the first time I had even opened Premier, but it has to be better than Windows Movie Maker, right? I have a ton of videos that I need to edit that I want to add to this blog, so we'll see if I can actually use the program and become more than mediocre. I've been wanting to dive into video editing and DVD authoring since about the time I became pregnant with Joy, time to stop procrastinating!

If you don't know what NABShow is, watch this video.


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