Mamavation Monday: Supersize Me

192.2lbs. Body fat at 38.1%
Well, Easter Sunday was quite the wake-up for me. Actually it was Saturday night that had me almost crying in the dressing room of my local Target. In four years I have managed to double my size, and it's not a thyroid issue. My doctor has checked often enough since one of my chief complaints is fatigue.

Four years ago at Easter I looked like this:

Me and the Teen
No double chin. I fit in a size 8 dress (barely). I was comfortable being a size 8/10 and hovering between 150-160 depending on the time of the month. And I didn't have a muffin-top! A few weeks ago my size 14 pants and skirts were starting to feel comfortable and even a little loose.

The Drama
Saturday my son comes to me and asks if he has to dress up for Easter service. I realize that yes, he needs to dress up and I haven't even bought my dress yet. So off to Target we go about 9:30 that night (this is what procrastination will get you!). After picking out his shirt he abandoned me to look for a dress by myself.

Slim pickings for sure! But I found a dress I like that is wearable for more than just Easter and slink off to the dressing room with the size 14. Last summer I was a size 12. I can barely deal with being a 14.

The 14 was too tight. And it was a "roomy" dress. I could barely get it over my fat ass and the zipper wouldn't go up past my hips either. I was finally able to shimmy out of it, slink back to the rack and thankfully found a 16, praying that it would fit because I was too embarrassed to go back into the dressing room.

The next morning I had to squeeze into shapewear and then the dress. At least it was cut to hide the belly (good pleating!). I still *felt* like a stuffed sausage, and too embarrassed to take a picture of what I look like now.

So this week I am re-committing to getting rid of my Costco-sized muffin top. I mentioned that we were going to start P90X a few weeks ago, I think it's time to get off my butt and just do it.