Mamavation Monday : Skinny B*tch

Yesterday I was scrolling through tweets of friends of friends, looking for new people to follow and generally "eavesdropping" on interesting conversations. I came across a tweet from a woman who seems to exude confidence and attitude. She was complaining about being 5'10", weighing a buck and a quarter, and denying herself some comfort food. PUH-LEAZE!

My first thought was "You're kidding right? Even Liv Tyler told someone to shove it when they wanted her below 130lbs. 135-150lbs is a healthy weight for someone 5'10".

My second thought was "Your boyfriend must like the pre-pubescent boy look," - not kind, I know, but damn,  "no cushion for the pushin'" because every other tweet from this woman was about how much sex she gets. I needed a little snark to offset my third thought -- the inevitable "skinny b*itch". I don't like being jealous. It means I need a reality check.

I can relate to being the skinny bitch.  I used to be 115lbs. I'm 5'8". I was always trying to gain weight. I ate like a horse. Even after giving birth to the Teen I maintained at 120lbs and then went back to almost 110lbs because of stress. My grandmother threatened to put me in the hospital and let me eat a half a sweet potato pie by MYSELF! Practically unheard of in my family. I miss those days.

After moving to Oregon in the late '90s and freezing my butt off my first year, I ate and ate and ate and didn't exercise, it still took me two years to get to 135lbs. I finally had a little cushion. And then my 30s hit and well, stress doesn't make the weight fall off me anymore. But I hit 160lb and was told by all who love me that I didn't look sickly skinny any more, finally had some curves, etc.

I'm paying attention to what I eat now, and so very disappointed in what my body CAN'T do, because I have no strength from not exercising. And I'm overweight, borderline obese. And wanting to get back to 150 like nobody's business. When I was a "skinny bitch" it was because of my metabolism. Not because I was starving myself.

So in the end, she can starve herself, I will want to feed her sweet potato pie (not really), and continue to tell my daughter that she has the body type that is meant to be strong and that she is not skinny like I used to be and how her brother is, and hope that I can show her what it means to be HEALTHY. Not SKINNY. Because real women are strong. And have curves.


  1. Kat @ iHeartSeven.comApril 06, 2011 9:47 AM

    I'm 5'4" and after I had my first child I was 127 pounds... after my third I was 140. People told me I needed to gain weight after the first LOL! The way I'm built, for some reason I've always weight more than I look. At 127, people would swear I was no more than 105-115 depending on who you asked. At 140, I looked like I weight around 125. Now after 5 kids, I'm 163.6 and people tell me I should stop trying to lose weight because I look like I'm 145 or so, but I still have a good bit of fat around my midsection and arms/hips and that isn't healthy. I don't want fat cells accumulating around my organs, and for me the main thing is being healthy since I already pretty much like the way I look. I don't have enough will power to starve myself LOL I've never understood using unhealthy means to get healthy, but then again I suppose people who are just fixated on being small aren't really concerned about their health to start with, eh? :) Sorry I'm rambling. I'm the same way you are -- I want my daughter to have a healthier self image than it seems most kids do these days, but it's hard to do. She's built thick/curvy like I am, but also weighs more than she looks, so she sees the scale and starts saying UGH I'M FAT and it drives me crazy :( I make sure I watch what I say around my kids regarding weight and I don't ever say I want to be smaller, just that we need to lead more healthy lifestyles in general. It's important to focus on health and not weight; at least that's my take. I emphasize looking your best and carrying yourself well to my kids, so in that respect "appearance" counts; it's just not the lead topic when we discuss weight. I try to make sure they understand that it's about how you feel more than what they scale says.

  2. I think I was last 125 in, oh 4th 145 (5'4") people started to worry about me. Now I'm just trying to get 150 :) Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for dropping by. I'm aiming for 150 too. I guess it all depends on how we "wear" our weight.


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