Countdown to NAB!


Holy Cow! One week left! I can't believe it. This will be my third year attending and I intend to document it. Maybe, after class (Post | Production World) and all the

My first year I was picked out of the blue by @NABShow to blog about it and was lucky enough to know someone going who needed an extra set of hands. I'm not cut out to be a gopher. I got to meet some amazing people and hang out in the bookstore (which was fine by me!), check out the content theater, and live tweet. I was too busy doing all that to blog it. I know, shame on me.

Last year I went because the conference co-incided with my unemployment. I also attended the Job Fair (making a return this year). There were some great panels and I met Edwin of PinkSlip Mixers . The information learned at the panels and from the Career Advising Center was invaluable. It may be because the sytlist said I look really good in purple that I wear it more confidently these days. Yes, there is a stylist. First impressions still matter.

Conferences are for networking, right? I got to meet some of the brains and brawn of the NABShow social media team at Tuvel Communications. This year I get to meet the "voice" of @NABShow in person.

If you are still thinking about going, you better grab this free Exhibits Only pass (at the very least check out all the awesome gear and get into some of the after-parties), some great housing, and maybe drive, because the plane tickets aren't cheap anymore.

Vegas or bust!