- A reading of George R.R. Martin's "Ice and Fire"

We're very excited to announce that, beginning Friday March 18th, our resident Wheel of Time re-reader Leigh Butler will begin A Read of Ice and Fire! Not only that, but Leigh will be tackling the books as someone brand new to the series. We can't wait to see where her entertaining perspective of A Song of Ice and Fire brings us.

That's not all! Theresa DeLucci and Ellen B. Wright have started an anticipation thread for HBO's upcoming Game of Thrones series and will be recapping the show as it begins airing this April.

As  A Dance of Dragons nears, we'll have even more Song of Ice and Fire surprises in store on Stay tuned!

In her post, Leigh asks commenters to avoid spoilers as best as possible since it's her first read through the series (I know, right????)
One possible way around this would be for commenters to white-text spoilery comments, so that they are only visible when highlighted. This is a little cumbersome, I know, but if we could all be on our honor and stick to the practice, it would make the comments “safe” not only for me to read, but also for those readers who might be choosing to follow the blog as first-time readers themselves.
I don't usually participate in the Tor forums (so much so that I had to re-request my password and user name) ... but I am *SQUEEEEING!* in anticipation. So many like-minded fans!