Rite of Passage

Photo courtesy of turbomagazine.com
I’m not ready. But, I don’t have much choice. He’s ready. Engine revving. Foot practically to the metal. So few things excite him. Driving definitely does. My son goes to take his permit test today.

I've called the insurance company and warned them added him to my policy. Got a quote for when he does have his license. He has 6 months to find a job. Otherwise ... he's going to have his permit for a very long time (insert evil laugh). Soon he'll have his own car (a gift from Bio Dad) and I won't have to play taxi anymore. I have mixed feelings about that. Soon he can pick up his sister from school without complaining about the 1mile walk ("but Mom, it's 2 miles for me!"). Soon I can send him to the store. But will I?

He's so excited to drive ...