My First 5K?

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I have a goal!!!!
Events - Antelope Valley Family YMCA - YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles: "Friendship 5K!
Saturday February 12, 8 am
Celebrate friendship, health and fitness in this fun 5K race! Call us 661-723-9622 (YMCA) and sign up over the phone OR come into our Y. Race packets can be picked up at our expo on Friday the 11th or at 7 am on race day. $20 per person OR $30 for two friends together. Just $10 for high school or Jr. high students, and Fit 4 the Future Kids under 11 are FREE!"

It's incredibly hard for me to stay focused on something as grand and in-your-face as "Weight Loss". It's a long-term goal and not a short-term. I rarely have the attention or motivation these days to stick to my long-term goals (probably something to bring up with my therapist...)

I tend to talk myself into self-defeating cycles and eventually give up. But, I called the local Y, and it's walk/run (thank goodness because even the Couch-to-5K program is 2 months!) 5K is just over 3 miles, which I know I can walk easily enough (heck, my dog drags me more than that on a regular basis). It's in less than a month, but it's something to look forward to ... amid all the packing. Maybe I will be able to run part of it (says the woman who hates running with a passion....).

But it will be nice to know that I can complete a 5K.


  1. Good luck! I think that is a fantastic goal and it sounds like it is achievable. The worst thing about setting goals is when they are too ambitious and I get frustrated before reaching it.

  2. Do you have info on the Revlon one? I hate running, but I can walk forever. Did a 4mi walk with my dog yesterday.

    And thank you, new year, new design.

  3. I'm your typical over-achiever, but I attempted the L.A. Marathon in high school and decided from that point on to never run again! A 5K is doable and I won't hate my body afterwards. Baby-steps are sometimes so hard!

  4. *clears throat* woop woop!

    I mean...congrats!

  5. Yay!! Good for you for committing to the 5K run. I'll be doing the LA 5K Run in March and the Revlon Run/Walk in May. Cheers to good health!!

    Um, btw your blog looks different. I like it!


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