Mamavation Monday: Renewed Motivation - I think


Wedgies are great motivation. Especially when you get them on a daily basis. No, I am not re-living junior high.

My underwear is giving me wedgies and I think my weight is redistributing itself. Honestly, I am so tired broke after buying new work clothes that fit that don't make me look like a stuffed sausage, and now this. But going commando in a skirt and heels is out of the question.

I fell off the proverbial bandwagon last week. So tired of soup. I carb-loaded like nobody's business. Mainly because my mood was so out of whack (can we say "stressed out"?). Saturday was even worse. I blew up at the Hunk and my son thinks I'm psycho. Then again, my PMDD could be acting up again. Don't you just hate hormones?

I think I was deficient on some Vitamin D and a bunch of B vitamins too. After a long walk (4mi.!) with my dog and 2 Vitamin Waters full of B vitamins, 2 vitamin D supplement chews, a tan line, and some more carbs I started feeling almost human again. I'm guessing my daily supplement doesn't have enough B vitamins, or D. I fully expected a 5lb gain, so I'm glad it's only a little bit under a 1lb weight gain.

Due to back pain, haven't been to the gym in like 2 weeks and starting to feel guilty about the money we're wasting when I don't go.

Congratulations to our Mamavation Moms!  The Los Angeles Moms are Kate (@katecoleman77) and Angela (@ninemoremonths).  The online selected moms are Kimberly (@christlikemommy) and Amanda (@beeacutie2).  They have adhered to this great online boot camp social experiment and will be on the show Monday night to talk about the adjustment to their new lives in this media role.
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Question: How are you getting more fiber in your diet this New Year?
I hate to say it, but being consciously aware of how much fiber I am eating (instead of just guessing) has had really had a positive impact on my IBS. As in I haven't had a a really bad episode in about a month. I'm eating about 2-3 times as many veggies as I used to, eating more oatmeal and denser (more fiber rich/ multi-grain) bread when I do eat bread. I don't think I am quite up to 35g/day but I'm easing up to that much. With eating so much fiber I am forced to drink more water, or suffer the consequences.

I'm also choosing snacks with more fiber, like Kashi and Luna snack bars (haven't seen any Fiber Plus at the store I go to), so I get a little dark chocolate to tide me over when I feel like Dragon Lady.

This post reads like a product endorsement of the worst sort, but these are the things I am eating and drinking :D

Disclaimer: I’m writing this post as an entry to a blogging carnival sponsored by Fiber Plus. I will be receiving free product in return.


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