Mamavation Monday: Lost Inches?

I'm a little (ok a LOT) stoked this morning! I haven't been tracking my inches, but my clothes can't lie. A blouse for work that usually fits tight (like I need help getting my arms out of the sleeves at night) fits LOOSE this morning! I can actually slip a couple of fingers under there! The surprise comes because I've been wanting to work on my #mamaguns, but haven't yet. I've been focused on getting to the gym on a consistent basis. For the amount of money we are shelling out, I better!

Congrats to Angela and Kate for their selection as the L. A. Moms segment of the campaign.

I thought about doing it, but my family wasn't really that behind me, and my schedule SUCKS! If @bookieboo does it again I will definitely throw my hat in since we are moving back to L.A.!


  1. I used to arm wrestle the guys in HS ... and win :D

  2. I won't lie - when you wrote #mamaguns I thought of you arm wrestling someone. Hilarious. Keep up the good work!


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