Countdown to yet another new beginning

Packing Day 33/365Image by Nannerlady via Flickr

I think my son hates moving. The upheaval of it all. He's been counting. I don't count as it stresses me out and starts a whole lot of negative thinking, which spirals into either an anxiety attack or mild depression. Neither of which I have time to deal with right now.

In 53 days (yup, already started counting down) we are moving from the boondocks of Lancaster, back into the L.A. Metro area (HELLO! 30 minute commute instead 2 hours!) I'm already stressing thinking about it. The move that is, not my shorter commute. That excites me! Moving Tips: "With our SHE mentality, when we look at the whole picture, we become overwhelmed and paralyzed. This is just how we are made, but I can give you some simple rules to follow. As SHEs, we usually wait till the very last minute to start doing anything. I can hear you now. 'I work better under pressure!' NO YOU DON'T! IT MAKES YOU SICK AND THAT IS THE LAST THING YOU NEED WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO MOVE AND UNPACK AND TAKE CARE OF A FAMILY ON TOP OF IT ALL."

So the game plan is this: spend every single weekend between now and February 27th packing, decluttering, trashing the trash, giving away things I don't love, want, need, or fit any more. Tackle one room at a time. Stay focused. Don't beat myself up. And try not to get overwhelmed. I still have boxes from my move from Oregon to Downey, to Long Beach to unpack that never got unpacked in Lancaster. I only want stuff that I have a use for in my new place.

Here's to another new beginning. Hopefully a much cleaner and saner one!