Mamavation Monday: Yo-yo

Bloated again. Better be water weight gain
Back up to 193lbs. I swear I keep losing and gaining the same 5lbs. This would be fine if I was at my goal weight. I'm still very far from my goal. Each week it seems farther away. What I wouldn't give to make it down to 180lbs, my weight at this time last year. I'm still in shock that I have gained 20lbs in the last year. How the heck did that happen??!!??

New goals:
The cardio I've been doing sometimes leaves me wanting more --  feeling incomplete. I used to have pretty good upper body strength and I miss it. I want my arms back, not these granny-flappy things that have replaced them. And the rolls under my bra can get to moving out too.

Chronic back pain in the last decade has had people doing a lot of heavy lifting for me, literally and figuratively. And it shows in my arms, back, torso, etc.  I need to strengthen my core, so that I can lift more weights and strengthen my arms. It's a good thing that I prefer strength training, but I'm never sure how much is too much. There is no point in defeating the purpose if I overdo it, mess up my back, and then can't exercise because of it. Catch-22. (Can someone kick me out of my mental rut?)

My boyfriend has been noticing a smaller stomach (I still see too much muffin top), so he's willing to work with me on getting rid of extra skin around my middle. Hard to believe that I had a flat belly after giving birth both times.

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  1. Turns out the back pain this time was related to a kidney infection.

  2. Turns out the back pain this time was related to a kidney infection.


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