Mamavation Monday: Soup diet edition

That actually says 191.6, taken yesterday morning before another whirlwind day of errands and Christmas shopping.


I usually weigh in on Monday mornings, but at this moment I am sitting in L.A.X. waiting to see my son off on another cross-country trip. He doesn't really need me here, but he let's me stick around because I think he knows I need it. I get nervous whenever he goes on a trip without me. Does nervous stress burn weight?

I know I'm at the age where stress turns into cortisol and then belly fat. I haven't taken any measurements, but my jeans do seem to be fitting better. I can breath when I slide (slide! Not jump,wriggle, cajole,and suck in my breath) into them.

This past week I seem to have managed to drop five pounds. I have a pretty persistent cold and have been eating Campbell's Healthy Select chicken variety soup (long grain rice and Mexican tortilla if you really want to know). One can (2 servings) has 220 calories and is (pretty) filling. Usually. Snacks have included yogurt and fruit. Not many sweets though I did scrounge a few when a little emotional.

I didn't exercise last week. There were a few days when I had trouble breathing and the idea of sneezing and coughing all over the gym equipment didn't appeal to me.

He's boarding. Gotta go.

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  1. Congrats on the weightloss. Keep up the good work.

    Happy ICLW #118

  2. Sorry you'll be missing your son, but well done on the weightloss! That's awesome :D

    ICLW #92

  3. I hope you have an awesome christmas and good luck on your weightloss

  4. SO GLAD I am not the only person who has ever tried to soup diet! Have you ever tried the apple diet? Didn't work out well for me.


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