#Mamavation Monday: Minus 1

So my actual goal until the end of the year was a lofty -2lbs/week. That would actually require a little more self-discipline than I have exhibited recently (or ever for that matter). This week I am down almost a full pound!

Not bad for a class A slacker, right?

I'm getting a little better at the water intake, especially since I crave water more often. This week we have challenged ourselves to clean out the fridge and freezer and pantry -- because the grocery budget was pretty much blown after Thanksgiving and rent gets paid first. You know how it goes. We did shopping for the basics -- bread, milk, and something for me to take to lunch this week. Soup. The whole can has a calorie count of 220. If I don't lose weight this week it won't be for lack of trying.

Bonus, the bf has noticed that my stomach is looking flatter. I still haven't brought myself to do measurements, but I think I can handle them now.

I'll try to keep up the gym time. It seems to be helping a lot since I know from past experience that calorie cutting alone doesn't seem to help me drop any weight. For a quick minute there I missed the exercise one day. I'm still not consistent enough though. My current self challenge is getting in at least enough steps to equal a mile. I think over the weekend I'll get back to "Burn the Turkey"

Possible sabotage this week -- a corporate lunch at Drago Centro. I love their food! And I don't have to pay this time!

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