Apparently, it does rain in Southern California

Well, it's STILL raining in SoCal. I forget what day it is. I know it's been raining since last Thursday or Friday. My feet got soaked on Friday. Don't wear boots with "flexible soles" if the weather is inclement. And no heel. Flat and comfortable, but the wet socks and feet weren't worth it.

So, for inspiration, a few melodies through the ages:

First, a little R&B

via @LosAngelista, who isn't a native, but reminded me of this song.

And some slow jazz with Janet, Herb Alpert, and Lisa Keith

I also liked Metal for a little bit there in the 90s

I forgot how amazing Geoff Tate's arms are ...

And club music

Being a child of the 80s there were a few songs about rain ...

And even back in the 70s

Shall we compare the classic Gene Kelley "Singin' in the Rain" (must bundle up and watch this on Christmas Eve, my ONLY day off)

with the more updated Glee version

I leave you with

Do you have a rainy day soundtrack?

2:15 PM Update -- There was a FANTASTIC roll of thunder just now that reminded me of more songs, by Prince this time:


  1. Wow. That's one eclectic playlist! Hope you're staying dry today (it's stopped now hasn't it?)! ICLW #110

    I'd add this one for you!

  2. How about Tina Turner - I can't stand the rain

  3. Or how about Peter Gabriel - Red Rain


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