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Mamavation Monday: Yo-yo

Back up to 193lbs. I swear I keep losing and gaining the same 5lbs. This would be fine if I was at my goal weight. I'm still very far from my goal. Each week it seems farther away. What I wouldn't give to make it down to 180lbs, my weight at this time last year. I'm still in shock that I have gained 20lbs in the last year. How the heck did that happen??!!??

New goals:
The cardio I've been doing sometimes leaves me wanting more --  feeling incomplete. I used to have pretty good upper body strength and I miss it. I want my arms back, not these granny-flappy things that have replaced them. And the rolls under my bra can get to moving out too.

Chronic back pain in the last decade has had people doing a lot of heavy lifting for me, literally and figuratively. And it shows in my arms, back, torso, etc.  I need to strengthen my core, so that I can lift more weights and strengthen my arms. It's a good thing that I prefer strength training, but I'm never sure how much …

All I want for Christmas

You know, the older I get, the less I want, at least around holidays. I like to get gifts throughout the year (who doesn't?!?)

This year, all I really, truly,unequivocally want … I just want my kids to behave. Preferably when they are together, but as singles too.For one, it won't matter. He's off to NY to visit family. The other ... who knows. It's been a hard few months since August and it feels like more than a year has already passed in the emotional investment arena. I just want a relaxing, temper-tantrum and drama free Christmas. As I write this I feel as if it's wishful thinking.
Though if you insist on getting me something, my Amazon Wishlist is mostly updated.

Apparently, it does rain in Southern California


Well, it's STILL raining in SoCal. I forget what day it is. I know it's been raining since last Thursday or Friday. My feet got soaked on Friday. Don't wear boots with "flexible soles" if the weather is inclement. And no heel. Flat and comfortable, but the wet socks and feet weren't worth it.

So, for inspiration, a few melodies through the ages:

IComLeavWe December 2010

Welcome IComLeavWe participants. I don't remember how I stumbled across it, but after reading a few of the blogs, I realize I am not in that particular niche. But I am thrilled to be introduced to so many strong, compassionate, and courageous women. Hopefully some of my posts can make you laugh. If you like tech, I write a lot about that and my kids, a teenager and an eight-year old – just so you know what you are getting into.

Mamavation Monday: Soup diet edition


That actually says 191.6, taken yesterday morning before another whirlwind day of errands and Christmas shopping.

I usually weigh in on Monday mornings, but at this moment I am sitting in L.A.X. waiting to see my son off on another cross-country trip. He doesn't really need me here, but he let's me stick around because I think he knows I need it. I get nervous whenever he goes on a trip without me. Does nervous stress burn weight?

I know I'm at the age where stress turns into cortisol and then belly fat. I haven't taken any measurements, but my jeans do seem to be fitting better. I can breath when I slide (slide! Not jump,wriggle, cajole,and suck in my breath) into them.

This past week I seem to have managed to drop five pounds. I have a pretty persistent cold and have been eating Campbell's Healthy Select chicken variety soup (long grain rice and Mexican tortilla if you really want to know). One can (2 servings) has 220 calories and is (pretty) filling. Us…

Double Share by Nathan Lowell


I have never had to hold in laughs so much, and only because my office is shared and cackling, guffaws, and Mary Poppins-style snorts, giggles, and small laughs are disapproved of on my commuter bus.

What's the cause of all this mirth? Mr. "Call me Ishmael" Wang of the A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series. I started Quarter Share months ago, left it, and recently came back. I'm so glad I did! Thank you @PodcastJunky for mentioning it in the first place.

Wordless Wednesday : low mileage


Tea by the Sea

On December 2 I had the opportunity to preview Tea by the Sea at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. Despite being a native Los Angelina, I didn't know that this Getty existed. Like most people, I was only aware of the Getty Center off the 405. Both comprise the Getty Museum.

Join the Getty Villa for Tea by the Sea, a special dining experience and garden tour inspired by the Mediterranean herbs, vegetables, and fruits that grow at the Villa. Tea by the Sea gives you the opportunity to take a vacation to Rome without leaving the city and relax while enjoying exquisite delicacies and panoramic garden views.Guests will deepen their understanding of ancient Roman Cuisine and will be indulged with a menu that includes Prosciutto and Brie with Fig Jam on Artisan Wheat Bread, Shrimp and Cucumber Tea Sandwich with Tarragon Aioli and the famous Mrs. Garrett’s Original Carrot Cake. The event will take place at the Founder’s Room, an elegant space featuring floor-to-ceiling windows overloo…

Mamavation Monday: Plus 4

Well, apparently this is what happens when I don't hit the gym at all. Wait, I went on Monday. 1 day out of 7 is really bad. I've missed my weekend sessions completely the last two weeks due to ... lots of stuff now that I think about it. There are just so many other things that need to get taken care of on the weekend and not enough time to get it all done. And I don't think it's a case of my horrible time management skills any more. It may be time to re-evaluate joining Flylady and seeing if I can do it as a working woman.

I really need to do laundry. ALL of my workout clothes need to be washed, in addition to half of my work clothes and I have decided to get rid of all the size 10 clothes that I haven't been able to fit into for over a year. (For reference I'm a 12/14 ... and a lot closer to the 14 than the 12 :( ) Once upon a time I was an 8, but I've decided that's a little too skinny. I look best as a 10/12.

A little part of me is weeping at that,…

Fiber TMI


We all know fiber is good to "keep things moving" and this does help with weight loss, especially if you are carrying around a bunch of junk that calls for a colon cleanse. Along with water, the proper amount of fiber cleanses you and -- at least in my case -- helps me lose some of my belly fat, or at least the appearance of it.

Since I have started eating as much fruit as I encourage my children to eat as snacks instead of sugary ones (mid-day office slump anyone?), I have had a smaller muffin top. And better fitting work clothes, not to mention the occasional appreciative look from my boyfriend.  I just have to remember to rein in my enthusiasm for fruits and veggies. Some days I look like the Michelin Man -- all round and not at all the hour-glass shape I am striving for due to gas build-up. That's something you need to keep in mind if you are trying to up your fiber intake to the recommended 25-35 grams/day - increase gradually or you may give up due to discomfo…

Photo Friday: Tranquil

Photo Friday: Tranquil
Originally uploaded by Nannerlady
Yes, I do love desert sunrises. The colors, the sense of peace, the
solitude. In a setting like this, with silence, it's almost completely
possible to quiet my mind.

Pass the coffee please, and leave your worries at the door.

#Mamavation Monday: Minus 1

So my actual goal until the end of the year was a lofty -2lbs/week. That would actually require a little more self-discipline than I have exhibited recently (or ever for that matter). This week I am down almost a full pound!

Not bad for a class A slacker, right?

I'm getting a little better at the water intake, especially since I crave water more often. This week we have challenged ourselves to clean out the fridge and freezer and pantry -- because the grocery budget was pretty much blown after Thanksgiving and rent gets paid first. You know how it goes. We did shopping for the basics -- bread, milk, and something for me to take to lunch this week. Soup. The whole can has a calorie count of 220. If I don't lose weight this week it won't be for lack of trying.

Bonus, the bf has noticed that my stomach is looking flatter. I still haven't brought myself to do measurements, but I think I can handle them now.

I'll try to keep up the gym time. It seems to be helping a lot…