Review: Rachel Ray Chillout Insulated Bags

Good morning! I hope your milk is still cold. Mine certainly stayed that way after 6 hours of running errands yesterday!

I've been on the hunt for a new lunch bag and always stop in that aisle at Costco (a few months ago they had some really nice "designer purse" looking lunch totes). This time, next to the beach chairs and umbrellas they had these 2-piece tote sets! My favorite color is blue, but I didn't like the treatment the bag had been given (multi-colored stripes) and the red/brown just wasn't my style. This green/brown one fit the bill perfectly ($15.99 at Costco). That's about what I was going to pay for one small "designer" lunch tote. For the same price I got a very large insulated tote and a medium-sized lunch tote. Very large! I fit 4 gallons of milk and a box of Healthy Choice chocolate ice cream bars. I couldn't believe that the milk was still cold and even better, the ice cream bars were still frozen!

At the beginning of summer I bought another insulated tote from Costco and it gets used there and at other grocery stores (and soccer games), but I think the Rachael Ray one will get used more if I know I am going to be out for hours and hours. I am so glad it didn't fail it's first test. I usually make grocery shopping my last errand, but there was so much going on yesterday that it ended up being first. Everything else bought was ok being in the car for a few hours except the milk and ice cream. This one is definitely a keeper.


*This is NOT a paid or endorsed review. I was just really impressed by the quality of the bag.