Of Mice and Mold

Of Mice
If you follow me on twitter or facebook you may have seen a few of my tweets about the mice problem we have. I blame Small Town Mommy. Not one week after I read her post on her rodent problem did I see something scamper under the stove in my kitchen. It being September in the High Desert, we still kept the back door open a lot (makes it easier for the dogs to do their thing too). So we hoped it was a lizard. I mean I *really*really*really* hoped it was a lizard.

A few weeks later Hunkito heard something the cupboards. It didn't sound like a lizard. By Halloween it was confirmed. The little beast was pooping in the kitchen, and then had the audacity to gnaw into Joy's backpack and get at her candy. First, we let Zoe stay out. I had hopes that my dog, being part terrier, would be a great mouser. No such luck.She's obviously much more border collie ... except for the digging, but that's another story.

So we bought traps. And after getting into my chocolate stash last night, one was caught. Now we have two more to catch and dispose of.

And Mold
That was this morning. We had also called our rental management company to come fix the dishwasher and microwave. What he opted to fix instead was the hot water heater.

Which has been leaking. For months. We thought maybe Joy was a little too exuberberant in using her skateboard in the house (after I blew a gasket she doesn't any more), but it was actually the hot water heater leaking from the garage softening the drywall in the entry way. This was all discovered after I left home. I have no idea what the living room looks like, but we have been assured that they will fix and repair all of it. I hope so, Josh is allergic to black mold. 

Anyone want some 'shrooms?.....


  1. I am happy to take responsibility for your mouse problem (especially if it means that they have left my house). I take no blame for the mold :). I hope you are able to easily get rid of both.

  2. I hope that everything gets resolved quickly! Sounds like you've had your hands full for sure!


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