Mamavation Monday: plus 5

Well, this can't be good. I haven't added strength training to my routine yet, so I know it's not muscle gain :( .

Goals: I didn't really reach them last week. Not enough water or gym time (as in ZERO, unless you count the 20 on the treadmill I did yesterday), nor did I really get to walk the track during my daughter's soccer practice (her team made the playoffs by the way) which translates to way too many hours on my butt and apparently a five pound weight gain despite cutting calories watching my caloric intake. My only furtive consolation is that it might be water-weight gain. So I am definitely going to be drinking more water this week and may even challenge myself to a liter or 2 of Smart Water.

I forgot that I joined a challenge on Fatsecret -- thinking it was totally doable. And it is, with discipline. And time management. Still working on that. I am a total "go-with-the-flow-maintain-stasis" type of gal ... unless pumped up on Code Red.

I think one thing that I did differently from last week was breakfast. There are some days where I don't get to eat breakfast until 11a.m. ... six hours after I wake up. Back the Breakfast Essentials I go.

So, this week I will:
  • Buy a spare set of headphones for when I forget mine at home
  • Continue tracking what I eat
  • Get my butt off my chair and downstairs to the gym (and not worry what anyone thinks and don't psych myself out)
  • Debate with myself and family about applying to be the L.A. Mamavation Mom. Lancaster is in L.A. county....
  • And drink more water. I need to get up to that magic formula of half my body weight in water.

SISTA OF THE WEEK: Congrats to @MMScarlett for being the Sista of the Week!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Patricia Friberg. Two winners of the blogging carnival get a copy of Belly Beautiful Workout.

More on the L.A. Mamvation mom

Mamavation is looking for Digital Moms in the greater Los Angeles region to participate in the Mamavation campaign from January 17th to March 4th, 2011. One mom will be chosen without having to campaign for the position. (Which means NO voting.) She will be given free products, a nutritional plan, training plan & weekly coaching to help lose weight and change her life. She will also be joined by 2 other Mamavation Moms across the country for extra support and camaraderie.
But this mom MUST be willing to be videotaped. Constantly. Cameras will be set up inside the home and a weekly crew will come to her house to interview her. Her struggle will be turned into a professional 3-5 minute video. That video will then be hosted here to describe visually what the campaign is about. This mother will also be given a copy of the video as a personal memento and short documentary of her boot camp.


  1. it! Do the Mamavation mom thing. I am a bad breakfast person myself. I wish you the best of luck on tackling that. Good luck on the water intake.

  2. if I might throw my 2 cents in - I hope you do decide to throw your name in the hat for the LA Mamavation Mom!!! It is the HARDEST - most worthwhile thing I've ever done and I'm not even on camera!!! Definitely talk with your family though - NO WAY could I do this without my family's support! You have my support whatever you decide, so let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

  3. Good luck in your bid to the be L. A. Mamavation Mom. It looks like a great opportunity.

  4. OMG yes, do the Mamavation LA mom!!!! I would support you like nobody's business!!
    That 5 pounds is not 5 pounds of fat. This i know. You'll take it off in no time.

    Take care!!

  5. don't beat yourself up too much this is a new week and i know you can do better good luck at reaching yoru goals hugs

  6. Thank you ladies so much for the support. I still need to talk to my family about it.


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