Mamavation Monday: Burn the Turkey

Operation Burn the Turkey is off to a good start. The day before Thanksgiving I weighed myself and I was 194lbs and change. The day after I was also 194 and change and this morning I was:

1lb lost! (Though it is a 2lb gain from last week). Still, not bad. I figure I could easily be back up to 196lbs. Because yesterday's shenanigans totally threw off my mood (post on that coming soon), I didn't get in my weekend workout. Hiking around Disneyland should count though, right?

One inspiration since Thanksgiving is wearing a pedometer constantly. I actually got in a little over 1000 steps just in my kitchen on Thursday! Now that I am back at work, my mileage is down considerably. I was so out of it yesterday I didn't pack my gym bag for today, so it's a bust. I may get in a walk after dinner though and burn off extra calories trying to keep warm. I need to stop talking myself out of working out. Making excuses and procrastinating. I'm really good at that. I haven't reached the point where exercise feels so good that I miss it.

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